Primal Healing Oil


  • Chamomile & Comfrey for Calming, Herbal Relief
  • Functions as Oil and Lotion
  • Whole Plant, Organic Ingredients
  • Hand Crafted in Individual Batches

Backed by nearly two decades of experience in nursing, massage therapy and topical infusions, Primal Healing’s Massage Oil was the first product created for Primal Therapeutics and was designed specifically to benefit both the patient and the therapist. Massage therapists spend multiple hours a day up to their elbows in massage oils and lotions and there weren’t any infused products available that were versatile enough to be both an ideal product for the patient as well as a healthy alternative for spas and massage therapists.

Available in 1oz and 4oz bottles

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Primal Healing’s Infused Massage Oil is safe to use anywhere on the body, from facials all the way to foot massages and pedicures. Our process infuses a variety of whole herb ingredients into a sunflower oil carefully-selected for its extensive benefits for the skin and body. The resulting herbal infusion is a vegan, chemical-free option that is great for sensitive skin and can also be used in baths by pouring a small amount of oil directly into the bathwater. Safe for everyday use for all ages.

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