Primal Healing Salve


  • Chamomile & Comfrey for Calming, Herbal Relief
  • Functions as Oil and Lotion
  • Whole Plant, Organic Ingredients
  • Hand Crafted in Individual Batches

Backed by nearly two decades of experience in nursing, massage therapy and topical infusions, Primal Healing’s Salve was originally known as Primal Salve-Vation and quickly became our best-selling product, and a staple among Primal Therapeutics’ students and clientele alike. Based on the formulation behind Primal Healing’s Massage Oil, our Salve was created in response to a need for a different viscosity and glide during massage therapy, especially when doing trigger point work and cross fiber friction for scar tissue.

Available in 1.7 oz and 4 oz jars.

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Primal Healing’s Infused Skin Salve comes in two sizes, an easily-transportable 1oz jar and a larger 4oz jar. Our salve is paraben-free, petrochemical-free, and vegetarian and can be used for just about anything. Our clients have reported using it for countless reasons, including chapped lips, hangnails, burns, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, pain, swelling and inflammation, to name a few. Our process infuses a variety of whole herb ingredients into a sunflower oil carefully-selected for its extensive benefits for the skin and body. The resulting infusion is a great, versatile solution to the strains that life puts on our skin.

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