March 3, 2023

Longmont, Colorado

Primal Healing Hemp Topicals certified safe for Oncology patients

Colorado company Primal Healing’s line of organic hemp skincare and topicals is now officially certified “Oncology Approved” by Oncology Spa Solutions, a leader in education and training for spa professionals working with patients undergoing cancer treatment. 

Oncology patients have the most delicate skin, and often struggle finding products they can use confidently. 

Patients undergoing radiation suffer from painful burns, and most products on the market cannot be used on such sensitive skin. 

Once the products’ ingredients had been reviewed and confirmed safe, the line of skincare and spa products was tested by cancer patients over a period of six months. 

After thorough consideration, 6 of Primal Healing’s products received “Oncology Approved” certification, including the award-winning (Best Hemp Topical 2020) Primal Salve as well as:

  • Primal Oil
  • Primal Serums (Normal & Sensitive)
  • Primal Beard
  • Primal Lip

Primal Healing is proud to offer products that are safe for every type of skin, even the most delicate. 

“This is a moment I wish my Grandparents could see, they raised me, and they both passed away from Cancer. It fills my heart with joy and gratitude to know these products can help a sensitive demographic and put organic hemp skincare in front of cancer treatment centers, hospitals, aestheticians, spa professionals, and more,” said Jordan Person, owner of Primal Healing. 

Primal Healing has plans to donate products to multiple cancer treatment centers for patients that need extra love on their healing journey and is currently accepting requests for their products from treatment centers around the world.