One day in 2011, a patient gifted me a small glass bottle of cannabis massage oil. He told me that it had been blessed by a chief of an American Indian tribe, and that it was very costly. Then he asked that I apply it to specific areas of his body that were ailing him. I did, and it seemed to help. Before he left, he encouraged me to share the product with other patients who might also need this type of deep healing. Eventually I used the entire bottle, and moved away to a new town. I never saw that patient again, and as the years went by, I forgot about that small green bottle of oil.

Fast forward to January 2014: I was managing a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado, where recreational cannabis was now available to anyone over the age of 21. It was an interesting time for me, but I desperately missed taking care of patients. I became complacent at my job and began to wonder what would happen if I applied cannabis from head to toe on a patient. So I did what anyone would do: I Googled it, and to my utter surprise, there was no information. I sat for hours that first day and typed in as many combinations as I could think of. I went 7-10 pages deep into each search. I was hopeful for a blog or a class or even a mentor who I could ask questions, but I found nothing.

So I took all of my experience as a nurse and as a massage therapist — and all the years I spent studying plant medicine — and I started performing cannabis-infused massage therapy. I did so by purchasing every topical that was on the market at that time in 2014. The problem was there was no product that met the needs of my patients, so I soon began studying herbalism and making my own products.

To track what worked (and what didn’t), I asked every patient I worked on the same five questions when I was finished, and logged the results in a spreadsheet. The results were remarkable: no matter the type of pain or inflammation, no matter the condition, the patient received relief. It didn’t take me long to realize this was different than any medium I had ever used before in my practice. The changes were happening before my eyes.

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