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Ep 49 – Cannabis Spa Pioneers

“Clarification of the Farm Bill in 2018 meant we saw a rush of CBD-infused products everywhere, from the gas station to the med spa! There were a handful of brave companies that led the charge, fighting against stigmas and even the obstacles of banking and advertising. These companies knew this ingredient, from a plant that continues to show amazing potential, was worth it! In this episode, we speak with two amazing (female) entrepreneurs from different corners of the cannabis experience, with one common purpose—to bring truth and acceptance to cannabis-infused spa products and services. Tune in to see how they got here and where they see the future of cannabis in our industry.”


About Jordan Person

A licensed nurse for 20 years and massage therapist for 15 years, Jordan Person is the original cannabis massage practitioner, author of Cannabis Massage 101 & 102, cannabis curriculums for nurses and estheticians, and the founder of both Primal Therapeutics and Primal Healing. Person continues to teach students from around the world, and has been recognized globally in documentaries and publications such as American Spa Magazine. Person’s Primal Healing topicals line expands on the applications of infused skin care products, offering CBD-infused serums, beard oil, and her award-winning salve, named Best Hemp Topical of 2020. Person is an outspoken advocate for plant medicine and a freelance writer for cannabis, skin care, and medical publications.

Connect with Jordan:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jordan-person-1893165

Email: jordan@primalhealing.com

Phone: 719-399-4903

Primal Healing Website: www.primalhealing.com

Primal Healing Facebook: www.facebook.com/primalhealingtopicals

Primal Healing Instagram: www.instagram.com/primalhealingtopicals

Primal Therapeutics Website: www.cannabismassagecolorado.com

Primal Therapeutics Facebook: www.facebook.com/primaltherapeutics1

Primal Therapeutics Instagram: www.instagram.com/primaltherapeutics

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