Why do we take the time to handcraft our products in small batches?

Simply put, our dedication to maintaining the highest quality control in an environmentally friendly setting is the reason why we handcraft each batch. When we make our products in small craft batches, we can pay closer attention to detail, we use less energy, and we ensure that communities will have a sustained need for human labor in an era of increasingly automated jobs.

Handcrafting each batch is incredibly important when it comes to skin care. Quality control ensures maximum utilization of available resources thereby minimizing waste and inefficiency of every kind. Early on, when I was first starting my work with herbalism, I would play around with my recipes. This way, I learned firsthand what caused positive and negative effects. Creating products on a smaller scale allows me to create unique products that are hand-tested and patient and customer approved.

Work done by hand is more environmentally sustainable as well as it uses less energy than a mass production assembly line; Handcrafting products is part of a green lifestyle and production system designed for handcrafted offerings is more sustainable than factory work. Mass produced items are part of a throw it away society. Our products come in glass and always will, so you can reuse or recycle your jar after sterilizing it.

Another benefit of being handcrafted is that we have the ability to accommodate special circumstances, such as specific allergens. I designed this line for two reasons: I needed something I could spend up to 5 hours a day, elbows-deep, working on my patients, and I needed a product with the proper glide and effectiveness for the vast array of patients we began seeing due to the use of cannabinoids in our massage therapy sessions. My patients count on my experience and training as a therapist to adjust my capabilities to their needs, offering the maximum amount of relief. Handcrafting every batch has allowed us to offer the option of customizing your orders in certain cases, making our products accessible to as many people as possible. It’s important to me as someone that has suffered with allergies my whole life that you be able to have the healing you need and you can discuss customization options with our sales team.

Handcrafted products are good for the community and creating jobs. As technology makes it possible to replace skilled workers with machines, it’s important to reiterate the importance of handmade goods and the individuals that are making them need to know that working with your hands will still be a great career choice for years to come. Our team handles every ingredient with tender care and there’s a noticeable difference between our products, made by a small team with love and attention, and a mass-produced, assembly-line-manufactured item.

Handmade can be seen as a celebration of our contemporary lives. We are no longer a one-size-fits-all consumer culture where everything looks the same and is easily boxed and sold. We live in a mass-produced world. The products that we buy and sell have often never been seen or touched by a living being until you picked them up off the shelf. At Primal Healing, each handmade item in our line tells a story about the people that made it and the people that will be using it.