All dog owners are partial to their four-legged friends, and I’m no exception. I’m pretty sure I own two of the cutest dogs on the planet, and they both bring me more joy than I can express in words. I would do anything for my pups, especially when they’re suffering — which explains why I found myself in the kitchen one day, whipping up a homemade CBD oil tincture for dogs.

This medicine was intended for Jude, my beautiful little Maltese who will turn 15 next January. I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old, and he radiates pure love. But he’s had a hard life: when he was 6 years old, he began to lose his sight. Veterinarians diagnosed him with a progressive retinal condition. Within a year he’d lost the majority of his sight.

I didn’t want Jude to be alone as the world disappeared before his eyes, and I felt that getting another dog could help us both through the journey. Enter Indi, a “mountain mutt” who I adopted when he was 3 months old — he’s 8 years old now, in case you’re curious. Indi is a mix of shih tzu, datsun, terrier, and poodle (we think). As you might imagine, he’s a sweet but extremely anxious little dog.

It took them a while to bond, but before long they were inseparable. They both had their health issues — Jude was developing arthritis as he got older, Indi sometimes seemed scared of his own shadow — but nothing out of the ordinary. If you’d asked me back then if I thought I’d ever be giving them cannabis medicine I made myself from scratch, I probably would have laughed.


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