Today we’d like to introduce you to Jordan Person.

Jordan, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
In 2010 I became really sick. I was living in my home state of Florida and recovering from surgery. I was on 13 prescribed pharmaceutical pills. I felt like I was dying. The only thing that made me feel better was cannabis. Each day as I felt more ill I made the decision to move to Colorado and become a medical marijuana patient. I left my dog, my car and my belongings behind in search of my health. I ended up having five more major surgeries over two and a half years. During that time I researched cannabis and plants for healing. I wanted to understand this plant that helped me so much. Over time I was able to come off of each pharmaceutical I had been prescribed thanks to cannabis.

When it was time to go back to work my body was not ready to be a nurse or massage therapist as I was licensed to do. I began volunteering for cannabis events and that led to a job at a medical marijuana dispensary. After a year of employment there in 2014 Colorado passed the recreational legalization of cannabis. I was ready to put my licenses back to work and I began to wonder what would happen if I applied cannabis from head to toe on a patient. My research began and I was quickly disappointed to discover there was no information to be found.

It all started like one big experiment. I started a spreadsheet and asked my patients questions and based on their feedback I began to form the modality of cannabis massage. Now over five years in business we have seen thousands of patients. I created a curriculum to assist fellow massage therapists to perform the modality to the best of their abilities. The class Cannabis Massage 101 has been taught to students in 23 states and three countries. The class is available online and in a group setting.

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